1. Sales Executive – Ms Lily

    Hello there, I am Van (call me by Lily) and your desires are my number one priority. If you’re looking for a temporary home away from home, you have come to the right place. I am the sales executive of Your Vietnam Travel and will do whatever it takes to ensure you enjoy your stay and take home a bounty of happy memories. My country is your country, so if there’s anything I can do to improve your time here, please don’t hesitate to confide in my abilities. My only wish is that you soak up the culture of Vietnam and surrounding countries before departing for home, wherever that may be.  Although I say so myself, the food here is delicious and I will gladly recommend as many restaurants as possible which comply with your budget. If you’re in search of adventure, I can offer you several different tour packages to accommodate your taste. Obviously Vietnam does not hold the same mainstream repertoire as French or Italian locations when it comes to romance, however a small number of the honeymoon packages I have helped to design will give you the chance to explore your deepest passions. Anyway I think that pretty much covers the message I am trying to put across to you, I really love my country and I hope you will love it too.

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    Your Vietnam Travel – TC2

    2. Sales Executive – Ms. Lisa

    Hello I am Thuy (please call me by lovely name – Lisa) and I am also a sales executive in the Your Vietnam Travel family. I graduated from the Faculty of Tourism at the Hanoi Open University and since then, I have been obtaining experience about numerous destinations within Laos, Cambodia and of course, Vietnam. If you are planning on travelling around Southeast Asia, then I would love to hear from you so I can offer my guidance and expertise on some of the amazing locations we can offer you. One of my key responsibilities is to draw up the itineraries for each tour package, however if you have your own ideas, I can certainly help you mould them into reality. If I can be of any assistance whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact me as your curiosity is my undying concern. My biggest hope is that you regard my country as your own and feel relaxed, comfortable, happy and blessed by life throughout every minute of your stay

    Marketing at Your Vietnam Travel

    Marketing’s Manager

      3. Sales and Marketing – Steven

    Hello all, I’m Steven and I work in the marketing department for Your Vietnam Travel. As a writer by trade, my main purpose is to contribute to the SEO, blog posts and travel guides featured on the web site. I am also a keen film maker and wish to educate and enlighten you, the potential customers, about the mysteries and wonders of Vietnam and surrounding countries via the medium of short documentary movies. I am from Manchester, England and still have as much to learn about this beautiful country as anyone else. However if you feel compelled to keep your eye on my posts for Your Vietnam Travel, I will do my utmost best to introduce you to the culture of this alluring nation in my own creative, whimsical ways.

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    IT’s Manager

    4. IT’s Manager – Mr Hien

    Hello my name is Hien and I generally work behind the scenes in the IT sector for Your Vietnam Travel. I handle the day to day running of the web site and try to monitor where improvements can be made. Part of my work involves liaising with the sales and marketing teams to acquire progress reports and from here, I will develop new tour ideas, influenced by the information I have received

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    Your Vietnam Travel – TC3

    5. Sales Executive – Ms. Stelle

    Hello everybody, my name is Stelle and I am the newest addition to the Your Vietnam Travel family. I am one of the primary sales executives and I am keen to get as stuck in to this work as possible and help to make your dreams of travelling Southeast Asia become a reality. I have been working in the travel and tourism industry for more than five years and during my career, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience of Vietnam and surrounding countries. I am delighted to be a part of this team and it is my priority to ensure your minds and hearts are opened to their fullest potential during your short time with us. I want you to explore any part of this beautiful country which appeals to you the most and to allow everything you see, hear, smell, taste and touch to soak into your memory forever. For any assistance whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will try my test to help you select the perfect package tour.